SAUDI EKMAL offers products at a very competent prices and have never been known to compromise on the quality of its products. For your further reference below are list of materials which we supply either standard or customized fabricated:



Steel grating, also named as metal bar grating, it is our speciality. whither you are looking for light duty gratings or Heavy duty gratings we can provide you with high quality finished products. if you are at an early stage and need a design for the grating according to certin conditions of environment or load calculations, our engineering department has very experienced team for grating design and detaling. and when it comes to manufacturing and cut to size fabrication we will supply your products in a short time specially for large quantities (150 Ton or more). we follow American Standards to assure the quality of our finished products.

Common uses of gratings range from walkways, platforms, trench covers, fences, and other properties.

Thickness of gratings: From 25mm To 140mm.